Navy Seal Bank Robber

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Navy Seal Bank Robber

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Thomas Mixon was a former Navy SEAL and Red Cell Operator who turned bank robber in December of 2017. Mixon robbed a total of 3 banks, 5 times... leading authorities perplexed. The motives behind the robberies remain unclear.

Bank Robbery No. 1
The first bank robbery happened on Dec. 22, 2017, at the IBC Bank on Ranch to Market 2222 in west Austin where Mixon is accused of robbing the bank while holding employees at gunpoint. He fled in what police described as a dark gray pickup truck.

Bank Robbery No. 2
The same IBC Bank was robbed again on Jan. 5. He fled on foot. Even at that time, police believed it was the same suspect who committed the robbery in December.

Bank Robberies No. 3 and 4
The third and fourth robberies happened at the Prosperity Bank on Northland Drive, west of MoPac Expressway, on Feb. 1 and 7. Same description, and again, fled on foot heading southbound on Balcones Drive.

Bank Robbery No. 5
Authorities say his last bank robbery was on Feb. 26 at the Plains Capital Bank on North MoPac near Parmer Lane. Police at that time said the man entered the bank and demanded cash before fleeing on foot.

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