Surveillance Camera Man .onion service

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Surveillance Camera Man .onion service

Post by SCMdotcomAdmin »

Because of the trolls, I have started an .onion service for the website in case the clear-net site is removed.

Main .onion mirror
http://hhovwfdotjuddze3tk4vnpcb3zf3gycs ... byd.onion/

I believe the owner of this website is in violation of stalking and harassment law as stated by 18 U.S. Code § 2261A, "causes, attempts to cause, or could reasonably be expected to cause substantial emotional distress to the target of their conduct".
The owner of this website is hosting stolen content with the goal of harassing the copyright owner of the content. The content being a video titled "Surveillance Camera Man 1-8" (,
Upon being asked to remove the content, and in response to a formal DMCA notice, the website owner adds text to the front page stating, "To the trolls: Try better!". Upon clicking the text, it is linked to a post on the website that displays the DMCA notice and states that the copyright owner, "needs to try again, by coming to the forum and explaining why it's such a big deal", and "Not that it would achieve any result." (viewtopic.php?t=27)

In this case, I believe the owner of the website is knowingly and willfully committing copyright infringement in an effort to cause emotional distress to the target. ...
DMCA Complaint DB

░A░D░M░I░N░I░S░T░R░A░T░O░R░...waiting for subpoena

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